Stanozolol Genopharm Winstrol (50 mg/ml – 1 ampoule)

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Stanozolol Genopharm Winstrol: The Versatile Performance Enhancer

Stanozolol Genopharm, popularly known as Winstrol, is a widely acclaimed anabolic steroid praised for its significant impact on performance and sculpting. Known for its high anabolic activity and compatibility with other steroids, Winstrol has become a staple in the regimens of athletes and bodybuilders.

Description – Stanozolol Genopharm

Winstrol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is a favored steroid for potent anabolic (measured at 320% of testosterone) and minimal androgenic effects (30% of testosterone). This steroid is particularly valued for its ability to enhance muscle functionality without the common inconveniences associated with estrogen. Its mild hepatotoxicity makes it a safer choice compared to more toxic compounds, although liver protection is still advised.

Effects and Action

Winstrol excels in increasing durability by boosting the generation of red blood cells. It also supports moderate fat burning by initiating lipolysis, making it an ideal choice for athletes in pre-competition phases to maintain lean muscle mass. Additionally, the anti-estrogenic properties of Winstrol Genopharm ensure that efficient gains are dry and well-defined.

Pharmacological Properties

Winstrol does not aromatize, which means it does not convert testosterone into estrogen. This feature, combined with its ability to raise the generation of red blood cells, provides athletes with enhanced recovery capabilities for intense training sessions. A quick onset characterizes its action because of its short half-life for fast and effective results.


Genopharm’s Winstrol is ideally administered in injection form, delivering stanozolol directly into the bloodstream. This method ensures controlled doses and consistent delivery, maximizing the supplement’s efficiency and stability in the body.

Doses and Combination with Other Anabolic Steroids

Winstrol can be used both solo and in combination with other steroids:

  • Solo cycles typically involve ranges from 10-20 mg daily. Athletes who extend up to 50 mg are typically engaged in more strength-demanding sports;
  • In combination, it pairs well with steroids like Trenbolone for advanced muscle exposure, or with various testosterone esters;

Side Effects – Stanozolol Genopharm

While Winstrol is celebrated for its mild adversities, it is not without potential issues:

  • Joint discomfort can appear due to its drying effects, which can be mitigated by incorporating joint supplements or adjusting the steroid stack.
  • Androgenic reactions may occur in predisposed individuals.
  • Cardiovascular concerns require regular health monitoring.

User Reviews

  1. John, amateur bodybuilder: “Winstrol gave me the edge I needed for my first competition, with noticeable definition without fluid retention.”
  2. Sara, track athlete: “Using Winstrol improved my training sessions significantly. The increase in red blood cells really pushed my endurance to new heights.”
  3. Alex, trainer: “The gains from Winstrol are incredible—solid and lean. My students experienced some joint dryness but managed it with high-quality supplements.”