Testosterone Enanthate Genopharm (250 mg/ml – 1 ampoule)

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Testosterone Enanthate Genopharm: A Powerful Tool for Optimal Physical Improvement

Testosterone Enanthate Genopharm is a widely used anabolic steroid, notable for its potent anabolic and androgenic properties. This supplement is a testosterone ester, and its use can dramatically influence the physical performance and muscle mass of athletes involved in strength sports.


Testosterone Enanthate is synonymous with strength and vitality. The Genopharm product remains a cornerstone in the anabolic steroid use for both therapeutic and performance-enhancement settings. Its strong impact and predictable effects on muscle bulking and physique elevation turn it into a viable choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Steroid Profile

Testosterone Enanthate by Genopharm offers an anabolic activity identical to natural testosterone at 100%. Its androgenic activity, also at a high 100-150%, underscores its potency in increasing male characteristics. One of the defining specialities of this steroid is its inability to aromatize or convert to estrogen, which often necessitates the use of anti-estrogens to counterbalance potential estrogenic effects. It offers a sustained release, remaining active in the body for about 15 days, with a detection time of up to three months post-administration.

Effects and Action on the Body

Testosterone Enanthate facilitates substantial muscle growth quickly due to its pronounced androgenic effects. The fluid retention it causes within muscle tissues contributes to rapid size gains, although this can lead to a rollback or loss in gains post-cycle if not managed correctly. Beyond muscle architecture, it enhances the synthesis of synovial fluid, which improves joint mobility and can aid in the treatment of intervertebral disk wear. Furthermore, its regenerative properties enhance overall recovery, boost motivation, and increase the vitality of athletes during intense training periods.

Cycle Recommendations

For optimal results, it is recommended to administer doses ranging from 500 mg to 1000 mg per week, with cycle durations varying between 8 to 20 weeks depending on the athlete’s goals and experience level. This scheduling allows athletes to maximize muscle growth and enhance physical performance substantially. The compound’s long action duration means injections can be spaced weekly.

Side Effects – Testosterone Enanthate Genopharm

While Testosterone Enanthate’s conversion to estrogen is significant, appropriate management with anti-estrogens can mitigate risks like excessive fluid retention. Notably, this steroid does not impose any severe liver toxicity at standard doses, which distinguishes it from many other anabolic steroids. Testosterone Enanthate’s potent suppression of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis requires users to engage in post-cycle recovery to bring testosterone generation back to the norm. Other inconveniences include potential mood swings, increased aggression, bloating, and breast tissue enlargement in men. Users are advised to monitor these aftereffects closely and adjust their cycles as needed to mitigate these risks.

User Reviews

  • Tom, competitive bodybuilder: “Testosterone Enanthate has been strategically relevant for my bulking sessions. It provided massive buildup and, when combined with an AI, it kept bloating under control.”
  • Linda, amateur weightlifter: “As a woman, I use Testosterone Enanthate very cautiously in micro-doses. It boosts my strength without harsh virilization.”
  • Gary, swimmer: “The sustained energy and strength I get from Testosterone Enanthate are superb. It helps me push harder in the pool, though I am careful about the cycle duration.”