Testosterone Mix Zillt Medicine Susto (250 mg/ml – 1 ampoule)

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Testosterone Mix Zillt Medicine Susto: A Detailed Insight

Testosterone Mix, commercially known as Susto by Zillt Medicine, is a composite steroid that has become increasingly popular due to its balanced anabolic and androgenic properties, mirroring testosterone’s effects. This formulation combines several testosterone esters to ensure both immediate and sustained hormonal release.

Description: Testosterone Mix Zillt Medicine

Susto is appraised for its 100% anabolic and androgenic impacts compared to testosterone, providing a rapid onset of action post-injection and extended effects for about three weeks. This makes it a versatile option for athletes across various sports disciplines.

Effects of Susto

Susto boosts joint health, sexual drive, and red blood cell generation. This results in elevated appetite, rapid muscle bulking, and improved power and oxygen delivery to fibers. Its comprehensive benefits make it a well-rounded steroid for performance enhancement.

Rules for Use

Typically, Susto is administered at a weekly dose of up to 500 mg, with injections spread every 3–4 days to maintain stable blood levels. Dosages can vary based on individual experience and goals, with some experienced users going up to 750-1500 mg per week.

Combined Cycles

Susto can be effectively combined with other anabolic steroids like Nandrolone, Oxymetholone, or oral compounds like Methandienone to enhance muscle mass gains. In cutting phases, it pairs well with Winstrol or Anavar to promote lean muscle retention and weight loss.

Testosterone Mix – side Effects

Common inconveniences include gynecomastia due to its estrogenic activity, which can be mitigated with aromatase inhibitors. Androgenic side effects like acne, hair loss, and mood changes may occur, depending on personal sensitivity.

Diet and Exercise

A high-protein, moderate-carb, and low-fat diet is recommended to maximize muscle gains and minimize fat accumulation while using Susto. Regular strength training and cardiovascular exercises should be incorporated to enhance the steroid’s effects and maintain overall fitness.

Testosterone Mix by Zillt Medicine offers a potent, versatile, and relatively safe steroid option for athletes aiming for comprehensive performance enhancement, from muscle gain to improved physical capabilities.

Reviews: Testosterone Mix Zillt Medicine

  1. Ryan, 36, Bodybuilder “Susto has been a gift for my bulking and cutting cycles. It offers the perfect balance of power and muscle gain without excessive water retention.”
  2. Michelle, 29, Athlete “Susto improved my training intensity and recovery times dramatically. Combined with a strict diet, I achieved great lean muscle growth.”
  3. Alex, 41, Fitness Enthusiast “I’ve used various testosterone products, but Susto stands out for its efficacy and manageable side effects. It’s now a staple in my enhancement regimen.”